Sunday, November 16, 2014

Notes of Roilo Golez, Coursera Course on Sustainable Development, Columbia University - The importance of pre-school education:

The importance of pre-school education:

Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, author of The End of Poverty:

"Research has shown, startlingly important effects, of the early childhood, especially during the first three years when the brain develops in so many dynamic and important ways."

"One of the economic profession’s leading scholars, Professor James Heckman, a Nobel laureate economist at the University of Chicago, who’s been studying this issue of investing in human capital, throughout his career, has made a graph of the kind that you are looking at now."

"Look at where the returns are absolutely the highest - in the preschool age. The returns are very high in the formative age. In the formative years of the brain and early socialization and development of personality and that  cognition and scholastic aptitude and physical well being. And cannot simply be replaced by investments later on." 

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