Saturday, July 1, 2017

Golez: China - Build! Build! Build! Philippines - Yield! Yield! Yield! A clear & present danger to the Philippines! @inquirerdotnet @PhilstarNews

Golez: China - Build! Build! Build!
Philippines - Yield! Yield! Yield!
A clear & present danger to the Philippines!
@inquirerdotnet @PhilstarNews
For posterity's sake, the Philippines should lodge a strong protest against China's full militarization of Mischief Reef which is inside our Exclusive Economic Zone and which the Hague tribunal categorically declared as part of our EEZ. 
China built a huge 558-hectare facility on the once submerged Mischief Reef.
It is the biggest artificial island in the South China Sea. Soon it will have 24 J-11 fighter jets.
Its full militarization is a clear and present danger to our national security and a clear act of aggression within our West Philippine Sea.
The reclaimed structure in Mischief Reef is bigger than Camp Aguinaldo, Camp Crame and Villamor Air Base combined.
Silence will be construed as acquiescence. The latest survey indicates that 84% of the people want the government to stand up against China in this legal battle.
Protesting follows the rule of law and will not lead to war. China may be mean but not stupid enough to go to war just because of a protest. Let us not believe the scare mongers that there would be war if we protest. 
I quote from the SOFREP.COM article:
"On Mischief Reef, a large antennae array is also being constructed. AMTI posits this array may be used to more closely monitor traffic throughout the South China Sea. The antennae could be part of either a communications or radar system, but the think tank can’t specify further with any certainty – though a large dome built on Fiery Cross recently would seem to be indicative of a radar array. There are two more domes currently under construction on Mischief Reef.
"These installations are likely of particular concern to the Philippines due to Mischief Reef’s close proximity to portions of the waterway claimed by Manila.
"It has been reported previously that military air strips are already functioning on some of these artificial islands, as well as barracks buildings that appear to be complete, meaning China can deploy military assets to any of these artificial islands at any point.
"In a statement made before the heads of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations earlier this month, American Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, addressed China’s developing military presence in the region.
“We oppose countries militarizing artificial islands and enforcing excessive maritime claims unsupported by international law. We cannot and will not accept unilateral coercive changes to the status quo.” #sofrep


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