Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ikea Hayashi of Aum Shinrikyo. Wikipedia

Ikea Hayashi of Aum Shinrikyo[edit]

Main article: Ikuo Hayashi
Prior to joining Aum, Hayashi was a senior medical doctor with "an active 'front-line' track record" at the Ministry of Science and Technology. The son of a doctor, Hayashi graduated from Keio University. He was a heart and artery specialist at Keio Hospital, which he left to become head of Circulatory Medicine at the National Sanatorium Hospital in Tokai, Ibaraki (north of Tokyo). In 1990, he resigned his job and left his family to join Aum in the monastic order Sangha, where he became one of Asahara's favorites and was appointed the group's Minister of Healing, as which he was responsible for administering a variety of "treatments" to Aum members, including sodium pentothal and electric shocks to those whose loyalty was suspect. These treatments resulted in several deaths. Due to his actions in reporting to the Japanese police investigators about the sarin attacks and Aum activities post-Tokyo subway attack, Hayashi was exempted from death sentence and was instead given life imprisonment.

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