Monday, May 1, 2017

China should not be allowed to conduct military exercise in Sulu Sea or anywhere in the Philippines including our EEZ

China should not be allowed to conduct military exercises in Sulu Sea or anywhere in the Philippines including our EEZ

Golez: The President has announced he is open to a joint military exercise with China in the Sulu Sea, according to this ABS CBN report shown below. I will await the official Malacanang announcement just to be sure. 
Meantime, let me convey my alternative views on the matter submitted as my unsolicited advice :
1. Treaty required: Sulu Sea is part of our archipelagic waters and therefore part of Philippine territory where we have full, absolute sovereignty. I believe a joint military exercise with a foreign military inside the Sulu Sea will require a Visiting Forces Agreement or VFA subject to Senate approval. The Constitution states (Article XVIII, Sect. 25):
"...foreign military bases, troops, or facilities shall not be allowed in the Philippines except under a treaty duly concurred in by the Senate..."
2. Security: The Sulu Sea is a very sensitive body of water rich in natural resources where the Tubbataha Reef is located. Control of the Sulu Sea can give control to Palawan, Mindoro and the rest of MIMAROPA, Panay, Negros Island, the Sulu Archipelago and Northern Mindanao. China and the Philippines have a serious sea dispute that could erupt into actual hostilities. As such, the Philippines must be cautious in dealing with a potential enemy even if the diplomatic situation has been improving of late. For as long as China continues to claim around 90% of the West Philippine Sea, we should be always on guard in our relations with China. Allowing its navy ships and other military assets to conduct military exercises In a sensitive area of the country can result in security breaches that can cause serious harm to our national security. We should not allow China's navy and other military assets to conduct exercises inside the Sulu Sea or anywhere in our territory and even our Exclusive Economic Zone.
3. Equal treatment: The government already announced that the joint military exercises with the US, a treaty ally, have been diminished. An independent foreign policy means equal treatment. What we do not allow in relation to a treaty ally, , we should also not allow in relation to another country, more so a non treaty ally.

Duterte open to joint military exercises with China

Posted at May 01 2017 07:03 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte returns the salute of a Chinese Navy officer as he tours a Chinese Naval ship during a visit to Davao City. Reuters
MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said China can have joint military drills with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Mindanao particularly the Sulu Sea.
Duterte made the comment following his visit to a Chinese warship docked in his hometown, Davao City.
"I said I agree, you (China) can have a joint exercise here in the Sulu Sea," he said.
Duterte has previously expressed openness to joint military training with China and Russia.

Soldiers ride on tanks in a parade during the 120th founding anniversary of the Philippine Army. Reuters
The AFP is scheduled to hold its annual joint military exercises with the United States this month.
Manila is involved in a maritime dispute with Beijing over the South China Sea.
Under President Duterte, tensions between the two countries have dipped with the President's efforts to renew bilateral ties.
Duterte described his visit to the Chinese warship on Monday as part of confidence-building and goodwill between the Philippines and China.
"Part of really the confidence building and goodwill...To show that we’re friends," he said.

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  1. I netizen notices that the president is wearing a cap with a Chinese flag or symbols. Can you confirm it?