Tuesday, November 1, 2016

PRESIDENT ELPIDIO QUIRINO - Statesman of the highest order


Statesman of the highest order. His wife Alicia Syquia and children Armando, Norma and Fe were killed by the Japanese during the 1945 Manila Massacre but he forgave the Japanese for that horrible family tragedy.

In fact, one of his acts as President was "a presidential pardon for the last remaining Japanese prisoners of war, held in Bilibid Prison since 1945 as war criminals."

President Quirino issued this statement:
“I should be the last one to pardon them as the Japanese killed my wife and three children and five other members of the family,” he wrote.

“I am doing this because I do not want my children and my people to inherit from me hate for people who might yet be our friends for the permanent interest of the country.”

“I am happy to have been able to make this spontaneous decision as head of a Christian nation. My fervent hope is that the benevolent feeling which has inspired me will strike a responsive chord in others as act of faith to humanity. Love of fellow creatures will always be the supreme law among men and nations and the basis of world peace.”

From Inquirer. June 14, 2016

Japan honors Elpidio Quirino, ‘a great man"

Note: I am an alumnus of Quirino High School, established in honor of President Quirino. I grew up in Project 3, Quirino District, QC. The Golez family transferred from Romblon to Quirino District in 1952, when he was still the incumbent President. Quirino District was one of the communities built during his term as President. This is the reason why I am so keenly interested in his life and legacy.

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