Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Golez: China is the threat. The bigger threat. Claims 90% of West Philippine Sea. Maute is a threat but manageable threat

Golez: China is the threat.
Note that I am refocusing on the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea threat. The China threat is the bigger threat to the Philippines, not the Maute Group which claims IS connection when IS in fact is fighting for survival in Syria and virtually wiped out in Iraq. 
The US is heavily distracted by North Korea. The Philippines is heavily distracted by Marawi. 
China claims 90% of the West Philippine Sea and aims to construct on Scarborough Shoal and convert it into a huge military base. The area of Scarborough Shoal, the rocks around and the lagoon inside, is almost as big as Quezon City. Imagine if China can develop a military base as big as Quezon City, just beyond the horizon.
And i note also that some pro China personalities in our midst keep on spreading through social media unfounded and highly speculative rumors of possible Maute and IS attacks in other cities including Metro Manila. This is wrong as it causes undue public alarm, and distracts our national security focus, unless that is the objective. Just look at their Facebook and social media accounts. Full of non-factual stories of such threats. 
The AFP is doing very well in Marawi and is achieving its objective. There is no need to alarm the public with unfounded stories.
So let us be alert. Or we might just wake up with China fully seizing Scarborough Shoal and starting massive construction there while we are busy worrying about Marawi.


  1. Communist China threat to whole region of SEA is greater than ISIS and Maute threat.The Communist Dominoes effect is coming to reality now. Therefore SEA Democracies should wake up to fight against the spread of Communist threats in SEA.

  2. Its been past long overdue now that the Americans are gone,they would imposed what and when they like upon us ,they would get all the Precious metals ,Gas in tge West Phillippine Sea most specially the "Fire Ice" ,so Philippines be better Prepared donnot hessitate to invest in Weapons And Technology to defend our country!

  3. Because of Minerals and the Richness of the West Philippine Sea in minerals and aquatic life, the CHINESE WOULD NOT HESITATE TO TAKE and claim THE ENTIRE WEST PHILIPPINE SEA as lately they found out the potentials of the fire ice.